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Eastern Islands

  • Ugar (Stephen) Island

    Ugar is home to the region's smallest community. It is an island of volcanic origin, with rich fertile soil and dense tropical vegetation. There is no airstrip, with access by helicopter or boat.

  • Erub (Darnley) Island

    The largest of the Eastern Islands, Erub (Darnley Island) is of volcanic origin, composed mainly of lava and ash which has formed rich soil. The island has many hills and good vegetation.

  • Mer (Murray) Island

    The Murray Island group comprises of three high level volcanic islands (Mer, Dauar and Waier), characterised by red, fertile soil and dense vegetation. They are located in the eastern end of the Torres Strait, within sight of the Great Barrier Reef. The islands are the home of the famous "Mabo Case" which resulted in the Australian High Court decision to grant native title to the Meriam people over Mer Island.