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Sibuwanay/Tar Digri: Giving of the Gift

Gab Titui Cultural Centre Cultural Maintenance Exhibition

14 April - 29 October 2011

Ephraim Bani Gallery

Using cultural identity as a guiding theme, individuals and communities selected objects for this exhibition that could best represent their community, resulting in Sibuwanay/Tar Digri: Giving of the Gift.

Sibuwanay in Kala Lagaw Ya, the language of the Western Islands of the Torres Strait, and Tar Digri in Meriam Mir, the language of the Eastern Islands, are similar in meaning and describe the generosity of individuals, families and communities who have loaned material from their personal collections. Giving gifts is an important part of Torres Strait Islander culture and is a highly respected practice with the value not always on the gift itself but on the time taken to select it.

Sibuwanay/Tar Digri was a Gab Titui Cultural Centre cultural maintenance exhibition.

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