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Top Western Islands

  • Boigu Island

    Boigu is a large low lying island formed from alluvial mud deposited on decayed coral platforms by neighbouring PNG's large river systems. There is sparse vegetation except for mangrove swamps. The entire island is subject to flooding except the village which is build on the highest point. The island is also very susceptible to the predicted sea level rises from the greenhouse effect.

  • Dauan Island

    Dauan is small granite island close to the PNG Border. The town has developed along a narrow coastal strip backed by steep hills. Dauan is the most northern mountain of Australia's Great Dividing Range which in the Torres Strait becomes a sunken chain of islands that once extended as a bridge to the northern landmass. There is no airstrip at Dauan so transportation is by boat or by helicopter.

  • Saibai Island

    Saibai is approximately 20km long by 6km wide. The island was formed from alluvial sediment, built up over time from neighbouring Papua New Guinea's vast river systems, which are a mere 5kms to the north. At an average of one metre above sea level, the island is a mixture of mangrove fringe, flood plain and brackish swamps. It is also subject to flooding and rising sea levels. The wet season deposits approximately 2 metres of rain, yet in comparison, the dry season leaves the island short of water. There are strong links with the Bamaga community on Cape York as many Saibai Islanders migrated there following floods in the 1950s.