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Anthony 'Gesa' Pilot

c. 1976    

Tribe: Saisarem    

Languages: Meriam Mir (Erub-LMS), Torres Strait Creole

I started practicing art in 2007 whilst working at TAFE. At the time I was inspired by fellow artists Nino Sabatino and Alick Tipoti who encouraged me to follow my own styles and patterns. I specialise in lino printing on paper in which I have learnt through observing others. The themes that I base my work on is marine life, hunting, diving and fishing.

Art is important to me  because it is a way of keeping knowledge of my culture and identity alive. This way I can share with others who I am.

Anthony 'Gesa' Pilot, Dhoeri 2007. Lino print on paper. Photo: Michael Marzik.