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Badu Art Centre


Badu Art Centre is a Torres Strait Islander owned and governed art centre located on Badu Island in the western group of the Torres Strait Islands, which became incorporated in December 2009. The focus of the Centre is to enable the expression and renewal of Badu Island cultural practices and to preserve and promote arts, crafts and culture.

Reflecting their strong cultural traditions and expressions, Badu Island artists are producing works using a range of visual and creative mediums including printmaking, etching, painting, jewellery and carving.

All income generated from the sale of artwork is directly returned to the artists of Badu Art Centre, with a small proportion reinvested back into the art centre for maintenance and supply of art materials. Purchasing directly from art centres ensures authenticity and provenance of the artwork.

The Gab Titui Cultural Centre is proud to work closely with and support Badu Art Centre and their artists, whose works are regularly exhibited in Gab Titui's Wabunaw Geth Gallery and also available for purchase through the Gab Titui Gallery Shop.

Access: Please contact Laurie Nona to make an appointment.

PO Box 191, Badu Island Qld 4875
M: 0419 448 360