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Muruygawmal Muykupal Pathamukmik

"From the time of our ancestors to the present day, let us continue to breathe on the embers to keep the fire burning..." - Adhi Ephraim Bani  

Gab Titui Cultural Centre Cultural Maintenance Exhibition

28 September - 30 November 2011

Ephraim Bani Gallery

Part of the Gab Titui Cultural Centre's Ephraim Bani Commemorative Program, the Muruygawmal Muykupal Pathamukmik commemorative display highlighted the vast contributions made by Mr Bani to the Torres Strait region, its people and culture.

Muruygawmal Muykupal Pathamukmik - the Adhi Ephraim Bani Commemorative Display - was curated in association with the Bani Family to coincide with the tombstone opening of Adhi Ephraim Bani and featured in the Gab Titui Cultural Centre's Ephraim Bani Gallery.

Muruygawmal Muykupal Pathamukmik was a Gab Titui Cultural Centre cultural maintenance exhibition.

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