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Edmund Laza


Azumul, 2011Lino print on paper  $740.00 (unframed) 

"Art to me is an opportunity to express my culture to the world.  My grandfather was my inspiration.  He was a very good drawer which is where I first got my interest in art.

"Azumul, meaning many Azum, is the whole school of fish in my print.  In my eyes the only fish I saw while diving one day was the school of Azum.  I speared them one after the other, with one eye on the 4m reef shark menacing nearby.  They kept returning to formation regardless of being speared and swimming into the tide in one direction".

Emund Laza is an emerging artist from Badu Island.  In 2009-2010 he completed his Certificate in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultural Arts and currently works at Badhulgaw Kuthinaw Mudh (Badu Art Centre).  Edmund is currently focussed on lino printing, wood carving, screen printing and painting on canvas, basing his designs on natural forms of the landscape and his totems, kadal (crocodile) and thaub (snake).

Azumul and other works by Edmund Laza can be purchased from Gab Titui Cultural Centre or online from Badu Art Centre.