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Gab Titui Indigenous Art Award 2008-2017

Since 2008 the Gab Titui Indigenous Art Award has brought together contemporary works from across the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area in a celebration of the unique cultures and talents of our communities. From humble beginnings, the Gab Titui Indigenous Art Award has become a cornerstone of Gab Titui’s exhibition programme, giving audiences exclusive access to new works by some of our region’s most acclaimed artists and illuminating exciting young and emerging talent.

Through this annual award we celebrate our growing art industry and the individual artists and art centres who contribute to its success through their hard work, innovation and generosity of spirit. Each year we are honoured with a spectacular diversity of works, paying homage to rich cultural traditions, while showcasing contemporary cultural revival and sharing stories of historical and personal significance.

Jimmy J Thaiday, Warukaz at Maizab Kaur (detail). 2018 Gab Titui Indigenous Art Award. Photo: George Serras, National Museum of Australia.
2017Nancy Kiwat, Monument at 'Kemus Cove' Erub. Ghost net, ceramic, watercolour paint.
2016 Nancy Kiwat, Popa Dabad. Ghost net and twine.
2015 Nancy Kiwat, Ilan Pamle. Wood-fired ceramic.
2014 Vincent Babia, Adhebuiya. Lino print on paper.
2013 Tom Stephen, Warup (Drum). Wood carving.
2012Segar Passi, Native Title: Our Land and Sea Rights. Acrylic on canvas.
2011James Walter Ahmat, Naraw Dhangal. Wood, pearl varnish.
2010Solomon Booth, Coconut Palm Tree. Lino print on paper.
2009George Nona, Torres Strait Spiritual Headdress. Pearl shell, cassowary feathers, bone, twine, acrylic paint, bamboo, shell, feathers, beeswax, kulop and natural pigment.
2008Alick Tipoti, Zugubal. Lino print on paper.