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Rosaline Tomsana

c. 1961

Tribe: Italgal

Totem: Kaigas (shovelnose shark)

Languages: Kala Lagaw Ya, Torres Strait Creole

I learned to crotchet as a young girl and practise my family patterning that was passed down by my maternal grandmother, reflecting the pearl luggers of the time. My love for beadwork and inspiration comes from Papa God and through the designs I reflect upon my Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage. My work also represent the strength and endurance of all women in the Torres Strait and beyond, for whom I create such beautiful pieces.

Art is important to me because I try through my artwork to encourage the young generation to be aware of our culture in today’s society – for yumi picinini to learn.

Rosaline Tomsana, Ring Tides (detail) 2016. Photo: George Serras, National Museum of Australia.