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Our Galleries

Gab Titui Cultural Centre is home to the Ephraim Bani Gallery which safely accommodates and displays historical Torres Strait Islander artefacts and cultural heritage material. Gab Titui also has an open-plan main gallery which exhibits artwork by local Indigenous artists.
  • Ephraim Bani Gallery

    Ephraim Bani Gallery

    The Ephraim Bani Gallery has an annual cultural maintenance exhibition that presents themes and issues of importance to the cultural identity of the Torres Strait and its people, with the aim to preserve local culture, history and heritage.

  • Wabunaw Geth Gallery

    Wabunaw Geth Gallery

    The Wabunaw Geth Gallery features a changing program of exhibitions displaying artworks that include sculptures, headdresses, intricate lino-cut prints, wood carvings and paintings, as well as jewellery made from local materials such a pearl and sea shells.