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Inner Islands

  • Prince of Wales (Muralag) Island

    Muralag (Prince of Wales) Island is known as the largest of the Torres Strait Islands, spanning some 203 square kilometres. It is administered by the Torres Shire Council, which is based on nearby Thursday Island.

  • Hammond (Kiriri) Island

    Hammond Island is a 15 minute ferry ride from Thursday Island. It is a hilly island, with mounds of basaltic rocks.

  • Thursday (Waiben) Island

    Thursday (Waiben) Island is the administrative centre for the Torres Strait Islands. It is also the main Seaport in the Torres Strait.

  • Horn (Ngurupai) Island

    Ngurupai also known as Horn Island, is a relatively flat island spanning approximately 53 square kilometres. It contains the Torres Strait's primary airport, which regularly services daily flights from Cairns and the outer Torres Strait islands.