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Featured Artists

  • Louis 'Wilky' Fauid

    Louis 'Wilky' Fauid

    I grew up with art. It has been a part of me from my ancestors, I suppose its in my blood. I began practicing art in the 1990s. The older I get I gain more patience in everything I do. I draw my inspiration from my own life experiences such as hunting and looking at older carvings.

  • Nancy Mola

    Nancy Mola

    Nancy Mola lives on Ngarupai (Horn Island) in the Torres Strait and has been making contemporary jewellery out of locally sourced materials since 1999.

  • Rosaline Tomsana

    Rosaline Tomsana

    My love for beadwork and inspiration comes from Papa God and through the designs I reflect upon my Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage. My work also represent the strength and endurance of all women in the Torres Strait and beyond, for whom I create such beautiful pieces.

  • Nancy Kiwat

    Nancy Kiwat

    I was born on Thursday Island and have grown up on Erub (Darnley Island) since birth. My tribal clan is Saisarem, one of the four tribes here on Erub.

  • Angela Torenbeek

    Angela Torenbeek

    I was born in St Pauls Community, Moa Island. My Dad came from Poid at the back of Kubin Community, but his father came from Niue in the South Pacific. My mother was a woman from Erub and her Dad came from Oveau in the New Hebrides.

  • Anthony 'Gesa' Pilot

    Anthony 'Gesa' Pilot

    Art is important to me because it is a way of keeping knowledge of my culture and identity alive. This way I can share with others who I am.

  • Edmund Laza

    Edmund Laza

    Art to me is an opportunity to express my culture to the world. My grandfather was my inspiration. He was a very good drawer which is where I first got my interest in art.