Environmental Management


The TSRA Land and Sea Management Unit (LSMU) is responsible for coordinating the delivery of the Environmental Management Programme under the Torres Strait Development Plan 2019-2022.

The Regional Goal for the Environmental Management Program is:

Empowering Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal peoples to sustainably manage and benefit from their land, sea and cultural resources into the future, in accordance with Ailan Kastom, Aboriginal Lore/Law and native title rights and interests.

The key outcomes under the Development Plan that our programme focuses on are:

  • Key natural and cultural resources are sustainably managed in line with community priorities and traditional ecological knowledge;
  • Appropriate collaborative governance arrangements and partnerships to support sustainable management of the region’s environmental values;
  • Greater regional and community-based capacity for the sustainable management of natural and cultural values; and
  • Improved community sustainability, resilience and ability to adapt to climate change.

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