Culture Art and Heritage

Program overview

Protect, promote, revitalise and maintain Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal traditions and cultural heritage.


  • Ensuring cultural and language preservation, maintenance, development, and promotion.
  • Preserving and promoting Indigenous languages.
  • Expanding the regional arts industry.
  • Cultural heritage education, preservation and maintenance.
  • Protecting copyright and intellectual property rights.
  • Undertaking cultural values and protocols development projects.
  • Integration of community- based cultural and art activities with community and social services delivery where appropriate.

Key activities

The cultural traditions, language and knowledge of the people of the Torres Strait are some of the longest enduring in the world.

TSRA Culture, Art and Heritage Program engages with Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area communities on promotion and preservation of the region’s cultural maintenance and art industry development.

Key themes under the Program include:

Gab Titui Cultural Centre

  • Retail Services and Online Shop
  • Galleries and Exhibitions
  • Community Education and Public Programs

Cultural Maintenance

  • Traditional Languages Strategy
  • Torres Strait Dance Strategy

Arts Industry Development

  • Art Centre Support
  • Artist Skills Development and Education


TSRA Culture, Art and Heritage encourages partnerships with stakeholders and organisations  from across the region, to international platforms enabling opportunities for local Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal artists, cultural practitioners and traditional dance groups to participate in major events including:

  • National Reconciliation Week
  • Winds of Zenadth Cultural Festival
  • National NAIDOC Week
  • Puliima Indigenous Languages and Technology Conference
  • Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, QLD
  • Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair, NT


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