Healthy Communities

Program overview

Improve the health and wellbeing of Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal families and individuals residing in the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area.


  • Contributing to health policy and grant delivery in the region.
  • Monitoring the rollout of and contributing funding to the delivery of essential services to support healthy communities.
  • Supporting preventative health and wellbeing initiatives including sport and recreation activities.
  • Supporting healthy and affordable food for communities.

Key activities

    Sport and Recreation Activities (Grant Funding)

    The Torres Strait Youth and Recreational Sporting Association (TSYRSA) administers sports subsidy funding on behalf of the TSRA throughout the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area.

    TSRA also provides additional support for TSYRSA to build its organisational capacity to improve service delivery, including training and developing staff and committee members in administration and accounting.

    Health Promotion and Community Education Projects

    TSRA provides operational funding for TSYRSA to provide support towards sporting events in the region and work with and engage stakeholders to deliver health and nutrition education initiatives.

    TSRA also influences policy for health programs across all tiers of government.