Safe Communities

Program overview

Safe, healthy, respectful, and progressive communities, based on cultural, Ailan Kastom and Aboriginal traditions.


  • Contributing to safe communities policy and grant delivery in the region.
  • Shaping regional planning and service delivery, including supporting social services, to address community and domestic safety issues.
  • Supporting safe and accessible community infrastructure.
  • Supporting the delivery of non-mainstream community and social support services, including capacity building in communities.

Key activities

Non-Government Organisation Support

Safe Communities provides operational funding for locally based community organisations to deliver social support services in the region:

Port Kennedy Association

  • Children's programs including Afterschool Care, Vacation Care and Mura Kaimel Playgroup
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme

Mura Kosker Sorority

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family and Domestic  Violence Support Services for women, men, children and young people
  • Older Peoples Action Program and the Torres Strait Healthy Ageing Program to promote active and healthy ageing activities for over 50's
  • Child and Family Support Program to support safety and wellbeing of children and their families
  • Emergency Relief Program through the Salvation Army.
  • Mura Buai Torres Strait Family Wellbeing Program to provide specialist support services to families and individuals
  • Family Participation Program to assist families involved in the child safety system.
  • Food Security and Vulnerable Families in the Torres Strait works in partnership with community and key stakeholders to identify community food security priorities and key actions.

Direct Grant Funding

TSRA provides one-off grant opportunities to community organisations and groups to support programs that contribute to improving safety and wellbeing of families and communities, including:

  • Senior Administration Officer position – Torres Strait Aged Care Association
  • Regional Direct Initiatives – Thursday Island Justice Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal Corporation
  • Dive Safety Workshop – Salty Monkeys
  • International Men’s Day Event - Iama Mura Garkazil Men’s Group.

Our investment in core legal services, as well as prevention, intervention, and community legal services, remains an important contribution to the region’s legal structure through the funding of a legal service provider in the Torres Strait region, including Northern Peninsula Area (NPA).

TSRA also maintains partnerships with key stakeholders to support, monitor and address the region’s ongoing challenges and opportunities that contribute to the safety and wellbeing of communities, families and individuals.