Economic Development

Photo credit: Tarita Bin Doraho

Program overview

Enhance the region’s wealth by creating sustainable industries and increasing employment opportunities for our people equivalent to the wider Australian community.


  • Delivering concessional/ business loans.
  • Providing business training and support for Indigenous business and economic growth.
  • Identifying employment and training opportunities.
  • Delivering the TSRA Regional Economic Investment Strategy targeting assistance and priority to focal industry sectors and addressing economic enablers.
  • Supporting increased home ownership.
  • Facilitating economic development by promoting sustainable projects and improving Indigenous employment measures.

View the TSRA business and home ownership products here.


TSRA Brochures

Business Funding Scheme

Business Growth Package

Business Support Service

Home Ownership Program

You Sabe Business Workshops

TSRA Strategies

The TSRA has developed a Regional Economic Investment Strategy (REIS) to help build business opportunities in the Torres Strait region.