TSRA Grant Funding


Grant Funding at the TSRA

Current Opportunities

Current TSRA grant opportunities are advertised in the table below. Please read the Grant Opportunity Guidelines before applying for a grant with TSRA. Grant applications are made online through the SmartyGrants website link. If you are unable to make your application online, please email grants@tsra.gov.au.

Grant Opportunity

Opening Date

Closing Date

Grant Opportunity Guidelines

SmartyGrants Application Link

There are currently no open grant opportunities. Please check again in a few weeks.

Grant Enquiries

If you have an idea for a grant activity you can contact the TSRA on grants@tsra.gov.au or 4069 0700 to discuss your options.

You can contact us even when there are no grant opportunities advertised above.

Other Grant Opportunities

There are many other opportunities to seek grant funding for activities in the Torres Strait. The links below will take you to other grant opportunities which you may be eligible to apply for: