Regional Economic Investment Strategy (REIS)

Photo credit: Tarita Bin Doraho

A new approach to business support in the Torres Strait

The Torres Strait Regional Economic Investment Strategy (REIS) is an informed, strategic and targeted approach to provide business support in our region.

It identifies key industries with the greatest potential to establish and grow commercially viable and sustainable businesses in the Torres Strait.

Phase One

In line with the REIS recommendations, TSRA initially delivered its Business Support Service and Business Growth Package on three ‘focal’ industries:

  • Fishing
  • Cultural Arts and Creative Industries
  • Tourism

Phase Two

TSRA has now expanded its business support services and products to businesses who can help enable the three focal industries, including:

  • Transport and communications infrastructure
  • Education and training infrastructure
  • Community services and facilities
  • Recreation, leisure and entertainment infrastructure
  • Commercial and industrial land
  • Economic development partnerships / leadership / governance