Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer

TSRA CEO Leilani Bin-Juda PSM

Chief Executive Officer

Ms Leilani Bin-Juda PSM

Ms Leilani Bin-Juda was appointed by the Minister for Indigenous Australians, the Hon Ken Wyatt AM MP and commenced on 31 January 2020. Ms Bin-Juda is the first Indigenous woman to be appointed substantively to the CEO position. Ms Bin-Juda is a proud Torres Strait Islander, with ties to Hammond, Darnley and Murray Islands.

Ms Bin-Juda returns to TSRA after 13 years with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade where she served in China, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and most recently at the Treaty Liaison Office on Thursday Island. As the Torres Strait Liaison Officer, Ms Bin-Juda successfully developed relationships of trust and cooperation between Australia and Papua New Guinea on shared regional issues, particularly advocating the interests of traditional inhabitants in maintaining their livelihoods and traditional ways of life under the Australia-Papua New Guinea Torres Strait Treaty.

With a deep commitment to driving policy, programs and services to improve the lives of Indigenous Australians living in the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area, Ms Bin-Juda is looking forward to working with the TSRA Chairperson, the Board, stakeholders and communities to lead the social, cultural and economic development of the region.

Ms Bin-Juda brings a strong sense of whole-of-government coordination traversing national and international boundaries.  Her advocacy work on leadership and Indigenous cultural diplomacy will be key attributes for the TSRA.

In 2019 Ms Bin-Juda was awarded a Public Service Medal for outstanding public service in promoting the inclusion of Indigenous heritage in Australia’s cultural and foreign policies.

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