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Environmental Management

Caring for land, sea and culture in Zenadth Kes.

Program Overview

To protect the ecological complexity and biodiversity of the Torres Strait region, and the strong and enduring connection of Torres Strait Islander people to their islands and sea.

ranger groups
land and sea rangers
female rangers


  • Be culturally appropriate. Reinforcing native title rights and interests, respecting Ailan Kastom and Aboriginal Lore/Law, incorporating Traditional Ecological Knowledge and aligning with Traditional Owner interests.

  • Empower Traditional Owners. Supporting self-determination at the local and regional scale.

  • Deliver enduring outcomes. Providing environmentally, economically and socially sustainable solutions.

  • Adopt integrated decision-making. Using evidence-based approaches that take a long-term holistic perspective and consider all relevant factors.

  • Demonstrate strong adaptive management. Applying flexible approaches that incorporate learning from experience.

  • Focus on protecting and managing key values. Keeping the unique features of Torres Strait secure for the benefit of future generations.

Group of rangers in the Torres Strait

Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal people are advised this website may contain names, images and recordings of people who have passed.