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Culture, Art and Heritage

Culture Art and Heritage

Protecting, preserving and celebrating Ailan Custom and Aboriginal traditions.

Program overview

Protect, promote, revitalise and maintain Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal traditions and cultural heritage.

in annual sales including artwork, jewellery and craft
artists and cultural practitioners engaged with Gab Titui Cultural Centre
for community events hosted by local councils
key achievements in 2022–23


  • Ensuring cultural and language preservation, maintenance, development, and promotion.

  • Preserving and promoting Indigenous languages.

  • Expanding the regional arts industry.

  • Cultural heritage education, preservation and maintenance.

  • Protecting copyright and intellectual property rights.

  • Undertaking cultural values and protocols development projects.

  • Integration of community- based cultural and art activities with community and social services delivery where appropriate.

Key activities

Strengthening the cultural and arts industry

TSRA Culture, Art and Heritage advocates, delivers and supports initiatives aimed at strengthening the region’s sustainability and growth in the cultural maintenance and arts industry, including:

  • Traditional Languages Preservation
  • Creative Arts Industry Development
  • Conservation and Repatriation
  • Art Centre support – Erub Arts, Badu Arts and Moa Arts
The Gab Titui Cultural Centre

The Gab Titui Cultural Centre, operating under the TSRA Culture, Art and Heritage, gives region-based artists and cultural practitioners opportunities to create, develop and promote their knowledge, skills and experience in visual and performing arts forms.

Grant Opportunities

We provide grant opportunities to support individuals, groups, organisations and communities to deliver art and cultural activities and events including:


TSRA Culture, Art and Heritage encourages partnerships with stakeholders and organisations from across the region, to international platforms enabling opportunities for local Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal artists, cultural practitioners and traditional dance groups to participate in major events including:

  • Darwin Art Fair logo
  • CAIAF logo
  • Puliima logo
  • NAIDOC logo
  • Winds of Zenadth Cultural Festival logo
  • Reconciliation Australia logo

Torres Strait Art Centres

Moa Arts

Moa Arts is the trading name of Ngalmun Lagau Minaral, which means ‘our island’s design’.

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Erub Arts

Founded in 2009, Erub Arts Centre was created to share cultural knowledge and perspectives and maintain a strong Erubian identity and culture through contemporary art.

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Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal people are advised this website may contain names, images and recordings of people who have passed.