Healthy Communities

The Torres Strait

Program Overview: Healthy Communities

The Healthy Communities Program aims to contribute to the Regional Goals, as expressed in the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area Regional Plan 2009-2029 of 'enhance both healthy communities and our living environment' and 'achieve the provision of adequate, appropriate and affordable housing.'

To do this, the TSRA seeks to influence policy for all health programs across all tiers of government, monitor health services and initiatives across the Torres Strait region and provide strategic policy advice.

The Program also provides direct support for initiatives that promote healthy lifestyles, supports home ownership and other specific housing initiatives that are linked to healthy lifestyles and economic development in the region.

Key Initiative: Major Infrastructure Programme

The Major Infrastructure Programme (MIP) is the TSRA's flagship environmental health infrastructure development initiative, funded and coordinated by the Australian Government, through the TSRA, in partnership with the Queensland Government's Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning. Find out more here.