Mabuiag Island

The Torres Strait

Mabuiag Island

  • TSRA Board Member: Mr Keith Fell
  • TSIRC Councillor: Mr Keith Fell
  • PBC Chair: Mr Terrence Whap
  • TSRA Board Member Contact Details:
    Telephone: 07 4069 0700
    Facsimile: 07 4069 1879
  • TSIRC Councillor Contact Details:
    Telephone: 07 4069 4184
    Facsimile: 07 4069 4111
  • PBC Chair Contact Details:
    Telephone: 07 4090 0949
    0408 272 159
    Facsimile: 07 4090 0018
  • Population: 261 (2011 ABS Census)
  • Location: Western Group

 Mabuiag Regional Plan Community Booklet 2012 Cover Photo

Mabuiag is partly covered with mounds of basaltic rocks, lightly vegetated and mostly well watered. Like the larger Moa and Badu Islands to its south, Mabuiag is part of the old submerged land bridge that ran from Cape York to Papua New Guinea.

The Mabuiag Regional Plan Community Booklet 2012 lists:

  • the needs the community expressed in 2008 during consultations for the development of the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Regional Plan 2009-2029, and their status in 2012 (colour coded red, orange or green), thus showing progress in filling gaps in service delivery
  • the services delivered or available and accessible to the community and individuals across the Region
  • contact details for government departments, agencies and programs.