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TSRA Rangers celebrate 10th Anniversary with launch of historic restoration project

The Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) recently celebrated 10 years for the region’s Ranger program with the launch of a new project to restore the heritage site of Dabangay on Mabuyag.

The Mabuygiw Rangers in partnership with Goelmulgal (Mabuyag) Traditional Owners and other agencies, have committed to the project of restoring the old Dabangay village, as one of the most historical and sacred sites on Mabuyag.

A celebration day was held in September by the community on Mabuyag to coincide with the launch of phase one of the Dabangay Restoration Project, which is being delivered in partnership between TSRA Land and Sea Management (LSMU) Rangers, Traditional Owners, TSRIC and My Pathway.

The site of Dabangay village is of great cultural significance to the region as it has been occupied by the Panay (dugong/crocodile) Clan group for more than 7,200 years.

TSRA Chairperson Napau Pedro Stephen AM, said it was timely to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Torres Strait Rangers program along with the launch of a new project on Mabuyag.

“The launch of the Dabangay restoration project in September along with the 10thanniversary, was an ideal way for us to reflect on what the Ranger program has achieved so far and will continue to achieve in the future.” Mr Stephen said.

“The Mabuygiw Rangers were in fact the first Ranger group to kick off in the Torres Strait back in 2009, with a team of three Rangers and today the program employs 60 Staff.

“The Rangers continue to play a critical role for our region in land and sea management, by protecting, restoring and managing important elements of natural and built environments and will do so for many more years to come.

“So, we believe it is important that we celebrate these milestones for the Ranger teams, our partners and the communities they support as we explore new opportunities to maintain our culture and environment.”

Phase one of the Dabangay Restoration Project includes fencing and restoration of Coming of the Light Monument, clearing and reprofiling of the access pathway to Dabangay, the installation of three tables for the use of Traditional Owners, plus solar lights and essential signage.

Phase two will include the installation of shelters for the Mabuyag community and visitors who visit the Dabangay village site.

Mabuygiw Rangers would like to acknowledge the Goelmulgal (Mabuyag) Traditional Owners, the TSRA Land and Sea Management (LSMU) Rangers, My Pathway, Paul Ware contractors and the Torres Strait Island Regional Council (TSIRC).

Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal people are advised this website may contain names, images and recordings of people who have passed.