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TSRA funding support for the completion of Poruma Island Emergency Coastal Erosion Works

The Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) has provided $650,000 for the completion of emergency coastal remediation and prevention works on Poruma Island.

The funding was approved following an urgent request from the Poruma Community and the Torres Strait Island Regional Council (TSIRC), in 2018.

The TSRA Chairperson, Mr Napau Pedro Stephen AM, said coastal erosion issues have been impacting Poruma Island and several other Islands for many years.

“The TSRA has demonstrated its commitment to coastal erosion issues by providing $650,000 of additional funding, having also contributed to the $26.2 million in funding provided by the Australian and State Governments for stage one of the Seawalls project.

“Whist the work is ongoing, the TSRA congratulates TSIRC on the excellent work they have done constructing the Geotextile seawall on Poruma,” he said.

TSIRC originally anticipated completing a 60-metre long geotextile sand bag work with the $650,000 in funding, however, due to cost savings and efficiencies a total of 120 metres was completed with the original funding.

The TSRA has also approved additional funds so TSIRC was able to extend the works and complete approximately 150 metres.

Works have been completed by a team of predominantly Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal peoples from TSIRC, including hiring a further four staff from Mypathways to work on the project.

The original TSIRC Seawall Implementation plan prioritised the seawalls works and costings for the Seawalls project.

Saibai and Boigu represented the majority of the expenditure from the outset of the Seawalls project (88% of the original $26.2 million). Saibai, Boigu and Poruma make up 92% of the original $26.2 million.

Following the success of the Seawalls project (stage 1) the TSRA will continue to work with TSIRC to obtain additional funding for coastal erosion protection for Torres Strait communities at risk.

Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal people are advised this website may contain names, images and recordings of people who have passed.