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Torres Strait State of the Environment Report Card

The latest Torres Strait State of the Environment (SoE) Report Card has been launched by the TSRA. The SoE highlights the many unique and important ecological and culturally significant values of the Torres Strait region and builds on the Land and Sea Management Strategy for Torres Strait 2016-2036. The SoE focuses on 16 key land, sea and people values and equally considers First Nations’ perspectives – including oral histories, lived experience, local knowledge and community narratives – and other science perspectives.

While most of the ecological values in the region are still in very good condition, climate change is a major threat along with the ongoing impact of invasive species and pests, such as cane toads and leucaena.

View the SoE here.

Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal people are advised this website may contain names, images and recordings of people who have passed.