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No leasing of TSRA lobster licences in the 2018-2019 fishing season

The TSRA will not be running an Expression of Interest process for leasing TSRA owned TVH licences in the 2018-19 fishing season in the Tropical Rock Lobster (TRL) fishery.

Three TRL Transferable Vessel Holder (TVH) fishing licences held by the TSRA were made available for leasing to Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal operators in the 2017-18 fishing season as part of a one year trial.

Chairperson Napau Pedro Stephen AM said “The TSRA Board took a decision last year to make TSRA owned licence packages available to a Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal individual or entity on a one-year trial basis. The intentions of this trial were to allow Traditional Inhabitant Boat (TIB) operators to operate under different business models than those available under TIB licensing conditions.

“Following the trial the Board has acted on advice from communities and TIB fishersand has resolved not to place any extra pressure on the TRLfishery for the 2018/2019 season.

“With another potentially low Recommended Biological Catch next season it is important to take steps to ensure continued fishing by the TIB sector through the entire fishing season.

“The focus of the TSRA is on working towards a TRL Management Plan that secures TIB access to the currently provisional 66.18 per cent of the Australian share of the fishery.”

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