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Kaurareg People #1, #2 & #3 Authorisation Meeting


The claim group for each of the Kaurareg #1, Kaurareg #2 and Kaurareg #3 native title applications is described as the descendants of the following people: Makaku & Buiya, Gaugabiri (sometimes spelled Kaugapiri), Zagra Snr/Jack Prince of Wales & Kamur, Kaitap & Serei, Urui, Daiam & Duni, Baetie, Bagie, Rattler Tom, Papoose & Pau Pai Kai, Kanamuri & Neru Pearson and Panipan (the Kaurareg People Claim Group).

The members of the Kaurareg People Claim Group are invited to attend the Information Sessions and the Authorisation Meeting described here.

Details of these meetings can be found here.

Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal people are advised this website may contain names, images and recordings of people who have passed.