Indigenous Fisheries Advisory Committee

The IFAC was established in 2012 under Section 142M of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act 2005 (Cth). The objectives of the IFAC are to:

  • Provide a forum for the discussion of strategic management and policy matters relevant to Torres Strait Fisheries and act as an additional medium for the flow of information between the TSRA and Torres Strait communities.
  • Provide advice and make recommendations to the TSRA Board with respect to:
    • investment of resources into capacity building and support programs for traditional fishers,
    • policy proposals and management advice for Torres Strait fisheries,
    • policy direction and approach to resource sharing and leasing,
    • engagement and establishment of effective relationships with all fisheries stakeholders, and
    • research strategic priorities and provide advice on research proposals.
  • Establish sub-committees as required to ensure the range of issues requiring consideration are given proper attention.
  • Undertake additional functions on behalf of the TSRA as determined by the TSRA Board.

One new member, Mr Bert Matysek, was appointed to the Indigenous Fisheries Advisory Council, on 4 June 2013.

Table 4-14 Indigenous Fisheries Advisory Committee Members

Gavin Mosby Ned Larry
Dimas Toby Ralph Bann-Pearson
Daniel Takai Michael Passi
Cyril Gabey Bert Matysek

Table 4-15 Indigenous Fisheries Advisory Committee meetings

Dates Apologies
30 January 2013 Cyril Gabey, Daniel Takai
30 April 2013 Nil

Table 4-16 Indigenous Fisheries Advisory Committee Attendance

Member Number of meetings attended
Gavin Mosby 2 of 2
Dimas Toby 2 of 2
Daniel Takai 1 of 2
Cyril Gabey 1 of 2
Ned Larry 2 of 2
Ralph Bann-Pearson 2 of 2
Michael Passi 2 of 2
Bert Matysek 0 of 0