Statement of Expectations and Statement of Intent

In 2011, the Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, provided a Statement of Expectations to the TSRA concerning the operation and performance of the TSRA for the period to June 2012. In response, the TSRA provided a Statement of Intent to the Minister.

The Statement identifies the TSRA's focus, outcomes and priorities:

The TSRA's primary focus is to improve the lifestyle and wellbeing of Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal people living in the region by implementing programs that address their socio-economic and health status.
As an Australian Government agency, the TSRA will respond to the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) reform agenda by making a contribution to achieving Closing the Gap targets, and in particular through the Indigenous Economic Development Strategy and the National Partnership Agreements.

The TSRA will formulate and implement programs in regards to the principles detailed in the COAG National Partnership Agreement on Remote Service Delivery and will continue to: maximise employment, education and training benefits to Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal communities, assist and maintain close liaison with national, state, territory and regional agencies, brief the Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs on important issues and implement the Torres Strait Development Plan 2009 - 2013 and other planning instruments as necessary.

The TSRA will consider and act on opportunities that will increase the level of female representation on its Board.

In 2013, the Deputy Secretary of FaHCSIA forwarded a draft Statement of Expectations to the TSRA. The TSRA has provided comments on this draft to the Minister and is preparing a Statement of Intent, to be submitted when the final Statement of Expectations is received.