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Table 6-2: Details of consultants (total from audited financial statements – detail unaudited)

Andrew Mitchell 5,000 Image management system Direct sourcing B
Black & More Management Engineers 12,648 Projects for possible MIP Stage 6 Direct sourcing B
Contact First Business Solutions 20,415 Business support services Open tender B
David Fell Environmental 35,000 Biodiversity surveys Direct sourcing B
Deltapoint Pty Ltd 38,473 Human resource support Direct sourcing B
Di Chambers 16,549 Technical research and policy drafting Direct sourcing B
Diana Abiad 29,412 Art workshops Direct sourcing B
Dmedia Pty Ltd 26,500 Development of Saibai Garden knowledge multi-media project Direct sourcing B
Emamulda Consulting 33,213 Anthropological services Direct sourcing B
Environmental Systems Solutions 98,900 Traditional ecological knowledge system Open tender B
Fieldworx Pty Ltd 59,237 Plan to establish the Torres Strait language centre Direct sourcing B
GnL Enterprises 77,489 Major Infrastructure Programme Stage 4b and 5 independent review Select tender B
Indigenous Business Australia 55,860 Into Business Workshops Direct sourcing B
James Cook University 38,280 Invasive species Direct sourcing B
James Cook University 140,000 Torres Strait seagrass research and monitoring Direct sourcing B
Kapish Services Pty Ltd 10,631 Software upgrade Open tender B
Kleinhardt Pty Ltd 25,000 Business loan support and mentoring Open tender B
Leading Practice 38,550 Development and facilitation of dugong and turtle management framework Direct sourcing C
MLCS Corporate 12,513 Board mid-term performance review Open tender C
NRM Locums 43,400 Development of Torres Strait biosecurity strategy Direct sourcing C
Pacific Social Mapping Pty Ltd 28,985 Anthropological services Direct sourcing B
Reef and Rainforest Research Centre 6,000 Communication support Direct sourcing B
Rohan Hamden & Associates 25,320 Adaptability and resilience workshops Direct sourcing B
Rowena Johnson 12,450 Gab Titui Cultural Centre public programme Direct sourcing A
Samuel Taylor 195,641 ICT support and integration Direct sourcing B
SC Lennon & Associates Pty Ltd 128,805 Regional Economic Investment Strategy, engagement and project delivery plan Open tender C
Tagai State College 55,000 Environmental education coordinator Direct sourcing B
Terra Form Design Pty Ltd 167,949 Land and sea management strategy Select tender C
The HUB Marketing Communications 83,196 Gab Titui Cultural Centre communication plan Direct sourcing B
University of Queensland 9,880 Marine turtle dispatch harness project Direct sourcing B
University of Wollongong 59,292 Develop fisheries management training workshops Select tender C
University of Wollongong 13,681 Fisheries community management framework Limited tender C
UPC Consulting 96,736 Healthy Communities and Infrastructure Programme and project technical support services Direct sourcing A
Zakazukha Marketing Communications 97,543 Media support services Open tender B
Total 1,797,548  
Justification code:
A   Skills currently unavailable within TSRA.
B   Need for specialised or professional skills.
C   Need for independent research or assessment.
All consultants engaged under section 144T of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act 2005 (Cth) were engaged using the standard terms and conditions for the engagement of consultants by the TSRA as set out in the instrument referred to in section 144T(3).