Appendix 4: Details of Consultants

Table 6-2: Details of Consultants

Name Amount
Purpose Selection Process Justification Code
Andrew Mitchell 19,000 Image management system Direct sourcing B
Arenelle Pty Ltd 48,117 Programme and planning support and mentoring Direct sourcing C
Brendan Corrigan 17,611 Anthropological services Direct sourcing B
Contact First Business Solutions Pty Ltd 17,733 Business support services Open tender B
Curiousmindsco 10,080 Facilitation and planning workshop Direct sourcing B
David Fell Environmental Pty Ltd 75,500 Biodiversity surveys Direct sourcing B
Davidson Workplace Solutions Pty Ltd 8,554 Enterprise agreement support Direct sourcing B
Deltapoint Consulting 40,988 Human resources support Direct sourcing B
Diana Abiad 24,284 Arts skills workshops Direct sourcing B
Dianne Chambers 20,944 Technical research and policy drafting Direct sourcing B
Effective Governance 20,787 Governance Professional Development Programme PGPA Act 2014 Direct sourcing B
Effective Governance 47,510 Facilitate effective traditional representation at fisheries forums workshops Direct sourcing B
Emamulda Consulting Services 147,138 Anthropological services Direct sourcing B
Environmental Systems Solutions 156,600 Traditional Ecological Knowledge System Open tender B
Fieldworx 29,335 Facilitation of Language Centre Development Plan workshop Direct sourcing B
Indigenous Business Australia 34,700 Into Business Workshops Direct sourcing B
James Cook University 34,037 Survey of aquatic habitats Direct sourcing B
James Cook University 80,000 Torres Strait seagrass research and monitoring Direct sourcing B
James Cook University 7,576 Invasive species Direct sourcing B
Kapish Services Pty Ltd 7,438 Software upgrade Open tender B
Kleinhardt Pty Ltd 9,435 Business loan support and mentoring Open tender B
KPMG Australia 24,947 Non-government organisations work plans Open tender B
Leading Practice Multi-Disciplinary Service 43,608 Framework for the delegation of environmental compliance powers to TSRA staff Select tender C
Lewis Troutman 29,721 Structural review Select tender C
Miromaa Aboriginal Language and Technology Centre 41,818 Facilitate Torres Strait Language symposium Direct sourcing B
MLSC Corporate Pty Ltd 44,506 Board mid-term performance review Open tender C
NRM Locums Pty Ltd 18,000 Development of Torres Strait regional biosecurity strategy Direct sourcing C
O’Neil Pollock and Associates 15,136 Economic Development summit facilitation Select tender B
Pegasus Studios 40,000 Music and Dance Audit Direct sourcing B
Qld Regional NRM Groups Collective 9,500 Developing the monitoring and evaluation criteria for the Torres Strait Adaptation and Resilience Plan Direct sourcing C
Reef and Rainforest Research Centre 150,698 Communication support Direct sourcing B
Rohan Hamden and Associates 48,227 Adaptability and resilience workshops Direct sourcing B
Sam Taylor 171,096 ITC support Direct sourcing B
Savvy Events – Melissa Robertson 26,814 Arts Centre mentoring Direct sourcing B
SC Lennon and Associates Pty Ltd 179,809 Community Economic Initiatives Support review Open tender C
Tagai State College 100,000 Horticulture in schools project Direct sourcing B
Tagai State College 47,273 Indigenous Language Centre Direct sourcing B
TerraForm Design Pty Ltd 30,000 Land and Sea Management strategy Select tender C
Tracker Development 108,611 Develop Gab Titui Cultural Centre marketing plan Select tender C
Tuna Blue Pty Ltd 6,400 Dugong and turtle review Select tender C
University of Queensland 8,000 Turtle dispatching device Direct sourcing B
University of Wollongong 11,818 Fisheries management framework Select tender C
Zakazukha Marketing Communications 86,382 Media support services Open tender B
Total Consultants 2,099,731
Justification Code:
A: Skills currently unavailable within TSRA
B: Need for specialised or professional skills
C: Need for independent research or assessment
All consultants engaged under section 144T of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act 2005 (Cth) were engaged using the standard terms and conditions for the engagement of consultants by the TSRA as set out in the instrument referred to in subsection 144T(3). There were no significant differences between the terms and conditions on which that consultant was engaged.

(Total from audited Financial Statements – detail unaudited)

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Masig school garden.