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The TSRA's employees are located at TSRA facilities on Thursday Island, and throughout the Island Communities of the Torres Strait, Queensland. A small TSRA office in Cairns continues to be used to increase TSRA's capacity to attract people with skills and experience not available in the Torres Strait.

Workplace Agreement

All TSRA staff operate under the TSRA Enterprise Agreement 2011 - 2014. The terms and conditions of employment are set out in this agreement, which, while designed to end on 30 June 2014, will remain in effect until replaced by a future agreement. The salary ranges for staff covered under the Enterprise Agreement range from $42,334 for an APS level 1 staff member to $130,164 for an EL2 staff member (effective from 16 October 2013).

Payroll and Leave Records

The human resources and payroll company Frontier Software Pty Ltd provides payroll software to the TSRA to facilitate in-house payroll management.

Learning and Development

The TSRA's employees attended internal and external learning and development courses throughout 2013 - 2014. This included programme and project management training, career development training, cultural awareness training, fraud awareness training, accredited university studies and various other learning and development courses. In addition, mentoring and coaching were provided to various staff.

As part of their induction, all new TSRA employees complete the Australian Public Service Commission's induction programme, which is delivered online.

The TSRA Performance Development Programme informs the learning and development needed by staff and supports them in achieving the best outcomes possible for them as TSRA employees and as people.

Health and Safety Management Arrangements

The TSRA fulfilled its responsibilities under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Cth) in 2013 - 2014.

There was one accident or dangerous occurrence during the year that arose out of the conduct of undertakings by the TSRA that required the giving of notice under the workplace, health and safety legislation. No further action was required by COMCARE.

There were no COMCARE investigations conducted during the year that related to undertakings carried out by the TSRA and there were no notices given to the TSRA during the year under the legislation.

The TSRA's Work Health and Safety Committee comprises TSRA staff and managers who are responsible for developing and implementing strategies to protect employees from risks to their health and safety. The Work Health and Safety Committee works cooperatively to manage all the TSRA's occupational health and safety policy and operational matters. Employees are informed of current issues and receive occupational health and safety publications from Comcare and other sources when available. The TSRA has trained employees who undertake duties as first-aid officers, fire wardens and occupational health and safety representatives.

The TSRA is committed to supporting a culture of equity, inclusion and diversity, and to ensuring the TSRA workforce is representative of the broader community.

Workplace Health

The TSRA has an active early intervention and injury management strategy in place and continues to use occupational therapy services to provide ergonomic support, advice and case management services. On-site flu vaccinations and a healthy lifestyle reimbursement of up to $200 per year are also available to employees.

The TSRA has a Preventing Bullying and Harassment Policy, and two trained Harassment Contact Officers are available to provide employee support. The TSRA engages lngeus Australia Pty Ltd trading as Assure Programs (ACN 152 509 37) to provide Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) services to all employees where required.

Workplace Diversity

The TSRA is committed to supporting a culture of equity, inclusion and diversity, and to ensuring the TSRA workforce is representative of the broader community. The TSRA upholds the Australian Public Service values and strives to provide a workplace that is free from discrimination and recognises the diversity of the Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal communities that it serves. All TSRA staff receive up-to-date information on key developments in human resources, including developments in equal employment opportunity, harassment free workplaces and workplace diversity. Employees can also access publications from the Australian Public Service Commission and other related agencies.

A range of statistical information is collected during the recruitment of TSRA staff and is provided to the Australian Public Service Commission on request.

Workplace Consultative Arrangements

The TSRA fosters and promotes workplace consultation through regular management, programme area and staff meetings. In addition, the TSRA conducts regular meetings with staff representatives on the Workplace Consultative Committee. As appropriate, management consults with employees on:

  • major workplace changes
  • the development of guidelines and policies applying to employment conditions
  • the development and implementation of an Enterprise Agreement.


The Australian Information Commissioner did not issue a report on the TSRA under Section 30 of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and no personal privacy complaints were made against the TSRA during the reporting period. A reviewed Privacy Policy has been put in place to comply with the privacy law reform.

a photograph of TSRA Staff at Mabo Day on Mer

TSRA Staff at Mabo Day on Mer.

Staffing Profile

Tables 4-14 and 4-15 provide information on the TSRA's employee numbers and classifications as at 30 June 2014.

Table 4-14 Staff Profile at 30 June 2014, by APS Level

Classification Number of staff
Executive Level 2 6
Executive Level 1 18
APS 6 25
APS 5 27
APS 4 6
APS 3 28
APS 2 8
APS 1 22
Trainee 0
Total 141

Table 4-15 Staff Profile at 30 June 2014, by EEO Group

Classification Male Female Torres Strait Islander or Aboriginal People with a disability
PEO 1 0 1 0
Executive Level 2 4 2 1 0
Executive Level 1 10 8 3 0
APS 6 12 13 16 1
APS 5 9 18 17 0
APS 4 1 5 5 0
APS 3 13 15 28 0
APS 2 3 5 8 0
APS 1 18 4 22 0
Trainee 0 0 0 0