Executive Committee

An executive committee consisting of eight TSRA board members has been formed to assist the TSRA Chairperson to carry out his functions. The Executive Committee's portfolio structure is aligned to the TSRA's programmes. The TSRA Board determined the membership of the Executive Committee by open ballot following the Board election in 2012. The TSRA Executive Committee meets quarterly, prior to TSRA Board meetings. The Chairperson may call additional meetings as required.

The objectives of TSRA's Executive Committee are to:

  • ensure that policies and future directives are made in accordance with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act 2005 (Cth) (ATSI Act), the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997 (Cth), the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 201 3 (Cth) (from I July 2014) and other relevant legislation
  • advocate for improved outcomes in the Torres Strait region
  • represent the views of the TSRA on internal and external committees
  • assist the TSRA Chairperson to communicate to Torres Strait communities government policy, TSRA decisions and achievements as they relate to the Executive Committee's portfolio responsibilities.


The 2013 - 2014 TSRA Executive Committee members and their portfolio responsibilities are shown at Table 4-3.

Table 4-3 Membership of the 2013 - 2014 Executive Committee

Member Role
Mr Joseph Elu Chairperson Portfolio Member for Governance and Leadership
Mr Aven Noah Deputy Chairperson Portfolio Member for Culture, Art and Heritage
Mr Willie Lui Alternate Deputy Chairperson Portfolio Member for Environmental Management
Mr John Abednego Portfolio Member for Safe Communities
Mr Kenny Bedford Portfolio Member for Fisheries
Mr Keith Fell Portfolio Member for Healthy Communities
Mr Sam Maka Portfolio Member for Economic Development
Mr Maluwap Nona Portfolio Member for Native Title


The 2013 - 2014 TSRA Executive Committee met six times. Those meetings are shown in Table 4-4.

Table 4-4 Executive Committee Meeting Dates and Apologies

Dates Apologies
9 September 2013 Nil
2 December 2013 Mr Willie Lui, Member for Warraber
3 March 2014 Nil
10 March 2014 Nil
23 April 2014 Nil
2 June 2014 Mr Keith Fell, Member for Mabuiag Mr Kenny Bedford, Member for Erub


Attendance at TSRA Executive Committee meetings is shown in Table 4-5.

Table 4-5 Executive Committee Meeting Attendance

Member Number of meetings attended
Mr Joseph Elu 6 of 6
Mr Aven Noah 6 of 6
Mr Willie Lui 5 of 6
Mr John Abednego 6 of 6
Mr Kenny Bedford 5 of 6
Mr Keith Fell 5 of 6
Mr Sam Maka 6 of 6
Mr Maluwap Nona 6 of 6