Native Title Representative Body

As a Native Title Representative Body (NTRB), the TSRA is required to provide an Annual Report of its operations and performance of Representative Body functions together with financial statements prepared in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards, to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C).

The following table is the checklist of reporting requirements for 2013 - 2014 for an NTRB as supplied by the Land Programs Branch of PM&C.

All CAC Act requirements have been referenced in the Compliance Index.

Inquiries relating to this Compliance Index can be directed to the Principal Legal Officer, Native Title Office, TSRA, by phone on (07) 4069 2581 or by email to

Table 7-2 NTRB Compliance Index

RequirementPage Reference
Letter of TransmittalPage xxi
Table of ContentsPage xvi - xviii
IndexPage 238
GlossaryPage 235
Contact Officer, Internet Home Page Address and Internet Address for the ReportPage ii
Report by ChairpersonPage 2
Report by Chief Executive Officer including:Page 7

(a) summary of significant issues and developments;

(b) overview of performance and financial results;

(c) outlook for the following year.

NTRB OverviewPage 73 - 78

(a) overview description of NTRB

(b) role and functions

  (i) legislation

  (ii) legislative functions

  (iii) Corporate Governance Policies

(c) organisational structure
(d) outcome and output structure
(e) Key features – strategic plan, operational plan
Report on Performance


  (i) of performance during the year in relation to strategic and operational plan and by function

  (ii) summary data on outputs. Discussion of outputs achieved.

Page 63 - 71

(b) narrative discussion and analysis of performance

  (i) trend information

  (ii) factors, events or trends influencing performance

  (iii) significant changes in nature of principal functions/services

  (iv) performance against service charter/standards, complaints data and the NTRB’s response to complaints

Page 73 - 78

(c) summary resources tables by outputs, budget / actual by main heads of expenditure and revenue

  (i) discussion of analysis of NTRB’s financial performance against budget

  (ii) discussion of any significant changes from the prior year or from budget

Page 75 Table 2-9
(d) developments since the end of financial year that have affected or may significantly affect the NTRB’s operations in future.During the reporting period, the Gur A Baradharaw Kod Torres Strait Sea and Land Council Torres Strait Islander Corporation was established. The Gur A Baradharaw Kod Torres Strait Sea and Land Council Torres Strait Islander Corporation is in the process of building capacity to enable them to be in a position to apply for the Native Title Representative Body Status for the Torres Strait in 2015.
Corporate Governance – statement of the main practices in place
(a) name of the senior executive and their responsibilitiesPage 119 - 129

(b) senior Management committees and their roles – separation of powers

  (i) number of Board and Committee Meetings, attendance by Members

  (ii) training arrangements for Board Members

Page 118 - 138
(c) corporate and operational planning and associated performance reporting and reviewPage 143
(d) approach adopted to identifying areas of significant financial or operational risk and arrangements in place to manage risksPage 141
(e) policy and practices on the establishment and maintenance of appropriate ethical standardsPage 131
(f) nature and amount or remuneration for senior management and how it is determinedPage 190
External Scrutiny – Significant developments in external scrutiny
(a) judicial decisions and decisions of administrative tribunalsPage 78
(b) evaluation and / or audit reports – findings and responsesPage 154
(c) other external reviewsThere were no other external reviews
Management of Human Resources – Assessment in effectiveness in managing and developing human resources to perform NTRB functions and achieve NTRB objectives
(a) workforce planning, staff turnover and retentionPage 76
(b) training and development undertaken and its impactPage 76
(c) impact and features of Certified Agreements and AWA’sPage 76
(d) occupational health and safety performancePage 145
(e) statistics on staffingPage 76
(f) indemnities and insurance premiums for officersPage 144
Consultants and Competitive tendering and Contracting

(a) competitive tendering and Contracting practices

Page 77 Page 210 - 212
(b) number of consultancy services contracts let and total expenditure on consultancy servicesPage 77 Page 210 - 212
Financial Statements
(a) auditor’s reportPage 154 - 155
(b) statement by Governing Committee and CEOPage 156
(c) financial statementsPage 158 - 163
(d) notes to financial statementsPage 165 - 200
Other information
(a) indexPage 238

a photograph of Dancers, Boigu Ranger Boat blessing

Dancers, Boigu Ranger Boat blessing.