Appendix 4: Details of Consultants

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Table 6-2 Details of Consultants

Name Purpose Amount
Arenelle Pty Ltd Program and Planning Support and Mentoring 168,494 Direct sourcing C
Accsys Consulting System review 15,317 Open tender B
Aecom Australia Pty Ltd Coastal Erosion and inundation hazard assessment 36,465 Direct sourcing B
Analytics Group Air Services Review 53,373 Direct sourcing C
Andrew Mitchell Environmental Monitoring Workshop 9,900 Direct sourcing B
Arafura Consulting Anthropological Services 1,500 Direct sourcing B
Australian Federal Police Security Review and Plan 3,300 Direct sourcing B
Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre Accredited Training 181,900 Direct sourcing B
Black & More Engineering Support 29,120 Direct sourcing B
Business Mapping Solutions Business Support Services 26,403 Open tender B
C2O Consulting Coral Reef Response Plan 11,362 Direct sourcing B
Contact First Business Solution Business Support Services 8,754 Open tender B
Crowe Horwath (Aust) Pty Ltd Business Support Services 13,000 Open tender B
Curious Minds Co Facilitation and Planning Workshop 4,000 Direct sourcing B
David Fell Environmental Biodiversity Surveys 99,150 Direct sourcing B
Davidson Workplace Solutions Pty Ltd Enterprise Agreement Support 67,047 Direct sourcing B
Deltapoint Pty Ltd Human Resources Support 37,967 Direct sourcing B
Diane Chambers Technical Research and Policy Drafting 8,942 Direct sourcing B
Emamulda Consulting Anthropological Services 5,908 Direct sourcing B
Environmental Systems Solutions Tradional Ecological Knowledge Sysytem 104,300 Open tender B
Fieldworx GTCC Business and Marketing Planning 36,291 Direct sourcing B
Friendly Fire Ecological Consultants Fire Equipment and Training 8,500 Direct sourcing B
Indigenous Business Australia Into Business Workshops 41,563 Direct sourcing B
James Cook University Seagrass Research 120,500 Direct sourcing B
James Cook University Invasive Fish Survey 40,000 Direct sourcing B
James Cook University Water Quality Monitoring 205,455 Direct sourcing B
Kapish Services Pty Ltd Software Upgrade 3,553 Open tender B
Keith Murray (ITB Facilitator) Into Business Workshops 376 Open tender B
Kewagama Research Dugong and Turtle Catch Reporting System 26,964 Open tender B
Kleinhardt Pty Ltd Business Loan Support and Mentoring 21,393 Open tender C
KPMG Australia Healthy & Safe Communities Grant Review 16,962 Open tender B
Lewis Troutman & Associates Structural Review 47,175 Select tender C
Marsden Jacob & Associates IFAC Review 99,400 Open tender C
MI Murren Trust Erub Community Cultural Plan 50,000 Direct sourcing B
Michael Bradby Land Team Assistance 37,927 Direct sourcing B
Michelle Walker Land and Sea Planning Forum Facilitator 4,080 Direct sourcing B
Pegasus Studios Music and Dance Audit 100,000 Direct sourcing B
Queensland Murray Darling Committee Inc Contribution to NRM Groups Information Guide 4,000 Direct sourcing B
RCR Haden Pty Ltd Building Services Upgrade Review 3,910 Direct sourcing B
Rohan Hamden & Associates Adaptability and Resilience workshops 13,173 Direct sourcing B
Savvy Events (Melissa Robertson) Event Planning 16,136 Direct sourcing B
SC Lennon & Associates CEIS Grant Review 92,650 Open tender C
Sea Systems Engineering Pty Ltd Coastal Vulnerability Assessment 27,500 Direct sourcing B
Setbees Pty Ltd Native Title Meeting Facilitation 4,035 Direct sourcing B
Tagai State College Horticulture in Schools Project 100,000 Direct sourcing B
Telstra Telecommunications Feasability Research 323,529 Direct sourcing C
Tourism Naturally Pty Ltd Feasibility Study 13,888 Select tender B
Tracker Development Governance Training 1,535 Open tender B
Tuna Blue Pty Ltd Dugong and Turtle review of the 4th year 43,470 Select tender C
University of Queensland Develop a humane method for the euthansing of green turtles 39,058 Direct sourcing B
University of Sydney Cane Toad Control Strategy 12,199 Direct sourcing B
Zakazukha Marketing Communications Marketing and Media Assistance 41,783 Open tender B
Total Consultants 2,483,207

Justification code:

A: Skills currently unavailable in TSRA

B: Need for specialised or professional skills

c: Need for independent research or assessment

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