Programme Steering Committee

The Programme Steering Committee (PSC) monitors the performance of the TSRA's programmes and operations. Each programme consists of projects and managed activities, contributing to the outcomes identified in the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area Regional Plan (2009 - 2029). Programmes are further defined in the Torres Strait Development Plan (2009 - 2013).

The PSC includes the TSRA Chief Executive Officer, Programme Managers, Project Managers and the Chief Financial Officer. The PSC has scheduled quarterly meetings and also meets out of session to deal with specific risks and issues. The PSC prioritises resources across programme boundaries, ensuring that the programmes, strategies and operational activities align with the TSRA's Outcome. Further detail on programme reporting is contained in Section 2 of this report.

Torres Strait Coastal Management Committee

The Torres Strait Coastal Management Committee (TSCMC) was formed by the TSRA in 2006 to 'develop a strategic coordinated approach to dealing with disaster mitigation, coastal erosion, inundation and long-term coastal planning issues in the Torres Strait through collaboration with all parties; with an emphasis on the most severely impacted islands; and to provide a pathway for community members to address coastal issues on their islands'. The TSCMC is not an advisory committee under the meaning of the ATSI Act. The TSCMC meets biannually.

Membership of the TSCMC includes the TSRA, Torres Strait Island Regional Council, Torres Shire Council, Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council, Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, Emergency Management Queensland, James Cook University, CSIRO, Reef and Rainforest Research Centre and Australian Department of Climate Change.

The TSRA's membership of the TSCMC is shown in Table 4-6.

Table 4-6 Membership of the Torres Strait Coastal Management Committee

Member Role
Mr Joseph Elu Chairperson and Member for Seisia
Miss Chelsea Aniba Member for Saibai
Mr Eric Peter Member for Boigu
Mr Getano Lui Jr Member for Iama
Mr Willie Lui Member for Warraber
Mr Francis Pearson Member for Poruma
Ms Hilda Mosby Member for Masig