Land and Sea Management Unit, 40 and Environmental Management Programme, 48

Land and Sea Ranger Programme, vi, 20 see also Ranger Programme

land, sea and cultural resource management, 20–1

land tenure, xiv, 18

language strategy, 30

see also traditional languages leadership capacity building, 61–2

learning and development staf, 145

legal aid, 23

Legal, policy and advocacy support for Prescribed Bodies Corporate Delivery of Benefts: Torres Strait Development Plan, 69

legal, policy and advocacy support for Registered Native Title Bodies Corporate / Prescribed Bodies Corporate, 68

legislative compliance, 21

legislative functions TSRA in its Native Title Representative Body capacity, 74

Lena Passi Women's Shelter, 22

leter of transmital, xxi

Lif for Life Program, 83, 86 Loban, Yen, 124–5

Lui, Getano, Jr, AM, 125 Lui, Kiwat, 128

Lui, Willie, 121