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Warraberalgahl and Porumalgahl Indigenous Protected Area, 39

Warral and Ului Claim, 62, 67

Warul Kawa Island

Indigenous Protected Area, 39

pest rodent (rat) control programs on, 36

water quality hazards, 40, 45

Water Services Operations and Maintenance Program (TSIRC-ES), 83

water supply and sewerage services, 83, 84

website, 128

‘Whole of Region Economic Development Solution Broker' role, 26

‘whole-of-government lead agency' role, viii

Williams, Reginald, 113

women in leadership see Enhanced Support for Women in Leadership

Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Cth), 133

Working on Country see Caring for our Country (Working on Country) Program

Workplace Agreement see TSRA Enterprise Agreement 2011–2014

workplace consultative arrangements, 134

Workplace Consultative Committee, 134

workplace health, 133

World Indigenous Network (WIN), 3

World of Music, Arts and Dance festival (Adelaide, March 2013), 18, 23, 25