Tagai State College Independent Public School

and Horticulture in Schools program, 37

telecommunications coverage, 94


and information management and technology, 128

and mobile telecommunications, viii

Terrestrial Biodiversity Conservation, 36

terrestrial biodiversity profiles, 45

Thursday Island Court Support Reference Group, 95

tide gauge network, 45, 46

Torres Shire Council (TSC)

and Events Coordinator, 28

and healthy initiatives, 84

and Horn Island Affordable Housing Project, 83, 85

and Lift for Life Program, 80

and Major Infrastructure Program, 81, 82

and Master Planning and Housing Design, Housing

Eligibility and Governance Policy Framework, 85

and Torres Strait Development Plan, 12

Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area Health Partnership, 80

Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area Regional

Plan 2009–2029, 2, 12, 52, 100, 125, 197

Torres Strait Annual Art Award, 19

Torres Strait Coastal Management Committee (TSCMC), 125

Torres Strait Coral Reef Biodiversity Survey project, 38

Torres Strait Creole, iii

Torres Strait Dance Strategy, 18, 25

Torres Strait Development Plan

2009–2013, 12, 104, 197

2014–2018, 5, 204

Torres Strait Development Plan Outcomes

Economic Development Program, 26

Environmental Management Program, 34

Healthy Communities Program, 77

Safe Communities Program, 88

Torres Strait Dugong Sanctuary seagrass monitoring program, 38

Torres Strait International Women's Day Award Night, 95

Torres Strait Island Regional Council (TSIRC), vi, viii, 2

and Events Coordinator, 28

and Heavy Equipment Management and Training Program, 82

and Major Infrastructure Program, 81, 82

Stage 4 – Poruma Reticulated Sewage Treatment Plant, 86

and Mer Reserve transfer, 69

and Native Title compliance for the Saibai sea wall project, 62

and Regional Indigenous Broadcasting Service, 53, 56

and sustainable horticulture, 37

and Torres Strait Development Plan, 12

and water supply and sewerage services, 83

Torres Strait Island Regional Council Engineering Services (TSIRC-ES)

Water Services Operations and Maintenance Program, 83

Torres Strait Island Regional Council Essential Services Water Services, 84

Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal Artists

Key Performance Indicators – Portfolio Budget Statements, 21–2

Torres Strait Islander Arts Development Plan, 19

Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage Act 2003 (Qld)

and Cultural Heritage Bodies, 20

and Indigenous Land Use Agreements, 75

Torres Strait Islander Land Act 1991 (Qld)

and Mer Reserve transfer, 69

Torres Strait Islanders, 98

Torres Strait Islanders Media Association (TSIMA), viii, 53, 56

Torres Strait Islanders' Regional Education Council and social support services, 92

Torres Strait Major Infrastructure Program Stage 5

(MIP 5) see under Major Infrastructure Program


Torres Strait Marine Safety Program, 92

Torres Strait Marine Safety Training project, 32

Torres Strait Marine Training Program, 32

Torres Strait Protected Zone Joint Authority

and Torres Strait Tropical Rock Lobster Fishery, 4

Torres Strait Rangers see Rangers

Torres Strait region

languages of, iii

map of, iv–v

Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA)

accountability, 131–2

corporate governance and accountability, 109–36

enabling functions, 128–30

enabling legislation, 104

financial statements, 139–85

formation, vi, 104

functions, 104–5

highlights and achievements, vi

human resources, 133–5

as Native Title Representative Body see under

Native Title Representative Body (NTRB)

opportunities and challenges, viii–ix

organisational structure, 188

powers, 105

program reporting and performance summaries, 11–95

report of operations, 97–107

statement of expectations from minister, 107

statement of intent to minister, 107

strategic overview, 1–8

vision, iii

Torres Strait Turtle and Dugong Management Plans, 37

Torres Strait Youth and Recreational Sporting Association (TSYRSA), 81, 84, 85

Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), 20, 24, 40

Traditional Inhabitant Boat (TIB) sector, 30

traditional languages, iii

Training Rural Australians in Leadership (TRAIL) Program, 52

Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme (TIDS), 82, 84, 91

Tropical North Queensland TAFE, 19

tropical rock lobster (kaiar), 26, 30

Tropical Rock Lobster Fisheries Management Plan, 4

Tropical Rock Lobster Fishery, 4, 32

TSRA Audit Committee see Audit Committee

TSRA Community Newsletters, 189

TSRA Enterprise Agreement 2011–2014, 133

and Native Title Office staff, 73

TSRA Rangers see Rangers

turtle management see Dugong and Turtle Management