Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Department of Environment and Conservation and dugong and turtle management, 38

payroll and leave records, 133

PDM Consultancy

and internal audit, 131

Pearson, Francis, 118

performance audit, 6

Performance Development Program (staff), 133

performance statistics

native title, 65

pest pig control, 36

pest rodent (rat) control programs, 36

Peter, Eric, 114

Playgroup (for toddlers), 95

population, 98, 102

Port Kennedy Association Incorporated

aims and achievements, 95

and social support services, 90, 92, 93

Poruma Prescribed Body Corporate

and Poruma Reticulated Sewage Treatment Plant, 86

Poruma Reticulated Sewage Treatment Plant

Major Infrastructure Program Stage 4, 86

Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs), 70

complaints, 71

as Cultural Heritage Bodies, 20

grants to, 70

and Indigenous land use agreements and future acts, 68

Key Performance Indicators

Portfolio Budget Statements, 56

Torres Strait Development Plan, 58

and native title, vi, 70

in post-determination environment, ix

and Reserve or Deeds of Grant in Trust lands, viii, 5, 63

see also Legal, Policy and Advocacy Support

for Registered Native Title Prescribed Bodies

Corporate; Support to Prescribed Body

Corporate (PBC)

Preventing Bullying and Harassment Policy, 133

privacy, 134

Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), 134

Professional Artists

Key Performance Indicators – Portfolio Budget Statements, 21–2

program areas, 12, 104

see also Culture, Art and Heritage Program;

Economic Development Program;

Environmental Management Program;

Governance and Leadership Program; Healthy

Communities Program; Native Title Program;

Safe Communities Program

program budget variance

explanation of, 197

program expenditure, 15, 197

program reporting and performance summaries, 11–95

Program Steering Committee (PSC), 125

program structure

overview, 12–13

property management, 136

Protected Zone Joint Authority (PZJA)

and Fisheries, 41

and Marine Resource Utilisation, 30

public phones, 94

Pulu Islet

Indigenous Protected Area, 39

Purple Spider Dance Team, 25