Mabo decision, 98

Major Infrastructure and Housing Indigenous Land

Use Agreements, 68

Major Infrastructure Program (MIP), 5, 81–2, 84

funding, viii

Stage 4, 81–2, 86

Torres Strait Island Regional Council – Poruma

Reticulated Sewage Treatment Plant, 86

Stage 5, vi, 82

Major Infrastructure Project (MIP) Implementation

Plan, 84

Maka, Sam, 114

MangroveWatch Program, 36

marine environments see island and marine environments

Marine Resource Utilisation

Key Performance Indicators – Torres Strait

Development Plan, 30

marine transport infrastructure see airstrips and

marine transport infrastructure

Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ)

and Torres Strait Marine Safety Training project, 32

market research see advertising and market research

Master Planning and Housing Design, Housing

Eligibility and Governance Policy Framework, 85

for Horn Island Affordable Housing Project, 83

Measured change in the number of social support

services active in the Torres Strait

Key Performance Indicators – Portfolio Budget

Statements, 92–4

Medicare Local (Far North Queensland)

Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area Health

Partnership and, 80

Mer, Dauar and Waier Reserve handover, 4, 69

Mer Gedkem Le (Torres Strait Islanders) Corporation

Registered Native Title Body Corporate

and reserve handover, 4, 69

Mer Island

safety at sea training, 32–3

Mer Reserve Transfer, 69

Meriam Mir, iii

Migi Market stalls, 95

minister see responsible minister; statement of intent to minister

ministerial and other official visits, 4–5, 7

ministerial appointments, 107

ministerial briefings and information, 107

ministerial directions, 106


pest pig control on, 36

mobile telecommunications, viii, 94

Morey scholarship, 52

Mosby, Hilda, 117

Mura Kosker Sorority

aims and achievements, 95

and healthy initiatives, 84

and Regional Community Safety Referral Plan, 90

and social support services, 90, 92, 93