Consultation Arrangements

Public consultation is the foundation of all policy changes undertaken by the TSRA, as mandated by our vision “Empowering our people, in our decision, in our culture, for our future”.

Community Meetings

The TSRA’s Torres Strait Development Plan 2009-2013 drew on information gathered during community consultations in 2008, the same consultations which lead to the creation of the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area Regional Plan 2009-2029.

TSRA routinely holds community meetings for specific policy or programmatic issues or initiatives. These meetings provide a mechanism for the public to be informed about TSRA’s activities, and to provide feedback on policy issues. Details of community meetings will be announced in advance, via Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Service (RIBS) community radio (Radio 4MW), through media releases and via the
Torres News.

The TSRA Chair and CEO are committed to visiting all communities in the region to hold or join community meetings to provide for effective communication.


TSRA routinely provides information and seeks feedback through a range of media. Examples of these include:

  • The Chair’s Column – An irregular column by the TSRA Chairperson in the Torres News
  • Notices of government reviews and enquiries – published on community notice boards and in the Torres News, and broadcast on Radio 4MW
  • Program-specific newsletters – eg the “Fisheries News” produced by the TSRA Fisheries Program
  • Grant funding rounds – advertised in the Torres News
  • Website –‘Latest news’ on the front page.

Outside of face-to-face meetings on community, public comment and enquiries can be directed to the CEO, Chair and Program Managers via email (, fax: 07 4069 1879, phone: 07 4069 0700 and letter (PO Box 261, Thursday Island QLD 4875).