Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer

Acting CEO Charlie Kaddy

Mr Charlie Kaddy, Acting TSRA Chief Executive Officer

Mr Charlie Kaddy is currently the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Torres Strait Regional Authority. Mr Kaddy’s acting position was approved by the Minister for Indigenous Affairs and commenced from July 2018.

Prior to this role, Mr Kaddy held senior executive positions with the Torres Strait Regional Authority with responsibility for the Native Title and Fisheries Programmes.

He has a strong commitment to develop and improve policies and programs for remote Indigenous communities in the Torres Strait region, so they can enjoy the same level and quality of services as mainstream Australia.

As a respected Indigenous traditional owner in the Torres Strait with decades of experience in the Australian Government at senior levels, Mr Kaddy brings a unique skill set to the TSRA leadership role, successfully managing and leading an Australian Government agency with an Indigenous elected board.

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