Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer

Acting CEO Ms Mary Bani

Ms Mary Bani, Acting TSRA Chief Executive Officer

Ms Mary Bani is currently the acting Chief Executive Officer of the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA). Ms Bani’s acting position was approved by the Minister for Indigenous Affairs and commenced in January 2019. Ms Bani is the first Indigenous woman to hold this position.

Prior to this role, Ms Bani held senior executive positions within the TSRA with responsibility for a wide range of programmes including Healthy Communities, Safe Communities, and the Culture, Arts and Heritage Programmes.

In addition to this, Ms Bani also oversees the Gab Titui Cultural Centre on Thursday Island; the premier cultural institution of the Torres Strait region. The Gab Titui Cultural Centre showcases Torres Strait art, culture and history to the Torres Strait community and visitors to the region, as well as national and international audiences through its annual touring programme.

Ms Bani brings a deep and lived understanding of Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal community, culture and history to the role of TSRA CEO. These insights, combined with her years of high level Australian Public Service experience has enabled Ms Bani to successfully work with the TSRA Board and lead the agency to build on the achievements of the last 25 years in delivering economic development, environmental management, social and community services, major cultural projects and support for the Traditional Owners in the region.

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