Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer

TSRA CEO Wayne See Kee 2

Mr Wayne See Kee, the TSRA Chief Executive Officer

Mr Wayne See Kee heads the TSRA Administration and was appointed to the role of General Manager by the Minister for Indigenous Affairs in 2005. This position was changed to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in 2011.

Mr See Kee is the first Indigenous CEO of the TSRA and is a member of the Torres Strait community. His Torres Strait heritage gives him a unique insight into the many challenges the region confronts and a local understanding on the decisions made by the Board. 

He has an in-depth knowledge of the TSRA's strategic objectives, its vision and partnerships, having worked for the Authority for a number of years prior to his appointment.

Each year the CEO provides an overview report of the TSRA's operations to inform the Minister and the public of the organisation's performance in meeting its stated outcomes. Like the report from the TSRA Chair, this is found in the TSRA Annual Report.  To view the current (2011-12) CEO's report, click here.





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