TSRA Structure


TSRA Structure

The TSRA Organisational Chart 2016

TSRA Organisation Chart 2016

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The Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) consists of two parts - the elected Board and the Administration.

The TSRA Board

The TSRA Board consists of 20 elected Members who are all Torres Strait Islander or Aboriginal people living in the region. They are elected every four years by their individual communities.

The Board determines TSRA's policies and budget allocations, and is the political arm of the TSRA.

The current elected TSRA Board comprises:

Napau Pedro Stephen

Member for Port Kennedy

Rocky Stephen

Member for Ugar

Donald Banu

Member for Boigu

Cygnet Repu

Member for Mabuiag

Chelsea Aniba

Board Member for Saibai

Patricia Yusia

Member for Bamaga

Joseph Elu

Member for Seisia

Hilda Mosby

Member for Masig

Horace Baira

Member for Badu

Joel Gaidan

Member for Dauan

Jimmy Gela

Member for Erub

Seriako Dorante

Member for Hammond

Getano Lui

Member for Iama

David Bosun

Member for Kubin

Aven Noah

Member for Mer

Yen Loban

Member for Ngurapai and Muralag

Frank Fauid

Member for Poruma

John Paiwan

Member for St Pauls

John Abednego

Member for TRAWQ

Willie Lui

Member for Warraber

Portfolio Members:

Board Members may also assume Portfolio responsibilities related to the TSRA Program areas. These Portfolio Members, together with the Chair, Deputy Chair and Alternate Deputy Chair comprise the Board Executive:

TSRA Chairperson: Mr Napau Pedro Stephen AM (second left in photograph below)

TSRA Deputy Chairperson: Mr Getano Lui (left, photograph below)

TSRA Alternate Deputy Chairperson: Mr Horace Baira (right, photograph below)

TSRA Acting Chief Executive Officer: Ms Mary Bani (second right in the photograph below)

Current TSRA Officeholders

Joseph Elu - TSRA Portfolio Member for Economic Development

Yen Loban - TSRA Portfolio Member for Fisheries

Hilda Mosby - TSRA Portfolio Member for Environmental Management

Napau Pedro Stephen - TSRA Portfolio Member for Governance and Leadership

Patricia Yusia - TSRA Portfolio Member for Healthy Communities

Chelsea Aniba - TSRA Portfolio Member for Safe Communities

Cygnet Repu - TSRA Portfolio Member for Culture, Art and Heritage

Horace Baira - TSRA Portfolio Member for Native Title

The TSRA Administration

The TSRA Administration is made up of staff who are Australian Government Public Servants. The Administration staff carry out the functions and responsibilities of the TSRA.

The Chief Executive Officer heads the Administration and is appointed to the position by the Minister for Indigenous Affairs.

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