The Land and Sea Management Unit (LSMU)


The Land and Sea Management Unit (LSMU) was established by TSRA in 2006.

The LSMU coordinates the delivery of environmental management initiatives across the Torres Strait region through a partnership approach between TSRA, Traditional Owners, all levels of government, research organisations and other stakeholders.

The LSMU helps Traditional Owners and communities to access resources and information about the sustainable management of their islands and seas, and to have their say and get involved in caring for the region and its unique values.

The LSMU also operates as the regional natural resource management (NRM) body for Torres Strait in terms of its responsibility for delivering the National Landcare Program, Indigenous RangersWorking on Country, Indigenous Protected Areas and Queensland Regional Natural Resource Management Investment programmes.

The Land and Sea Management Strategy for Torres Strait 2016-2036 provides the guiding framework for the LSMU’s delivery of the Environmental Management Program and associated initiatives.

 LSMU staff from 2016 Annual Forum

Evolution of the Land and Sea Management Unit

Infograph - History of Land and Sea Management Unit