The Land and Sea Management Strategy for Torres Strait 2016-2036 identifies 16 key natural assets and values that help define the essential quality and character of the Torres Strait and the unique way of life of Torres Strait Islander people.  The Strategy aims for these key natural and cultural values of the Torres Strait to survive and thrive for the benefit of all people, for all time.

These key values are the focus of planning and management efforts in the region – see Our Projects.

For practical purposes, the key values are covered in the Strategy under the overlapping themes of People, Sea and Land.

The Strategy provides an overview of the 16 key values, including:

  • Context - summary of the current science and background information on the key values, their significance and major threatening processes
  • Desired outcomes – aspirational long-term target condition for the key value
  • Existing situation – brief description of the current condition of the key value
  • Management directions – key management strategies to achieve the desired outcome

For further details, visit Chapter 3 of the Strategy – Managing Key Values .