First Start Loan - Commercial Fisher

The Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA) offers a First Start Loan that can provide you with concessional finance of up to $2 million to assist you in the initial years of establishing your Queensland based commercial wild-catch business.

What can you use the loan for?

A First Start Loan provides finance to help you:

  • Buy your first commercial wild-catch business, including from family members
  • Become a partner in a commercial wild-catch business
  • Acquire and operate a commercial wild-catch fishing business on a staged basis as part of defined longer-term plans
  • Enter into leasing or share fishing arrangements
  • Upgrade or build up an existing non-viable commercial fishing business
  • Put succession plans in place

If you are interested:

Speak to your Regional Area Manager (QRIDA in your region | Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority) or check your eligibility by reading the guidelines (PDF, 211KB) First Start Loan Guidelines CF.pdf (