The Torres Strait

Dauan Regional Plan Community Booklet 2012 Cover Photo

Dauan is small granite island close to the PNG Border. The town has developed along a narrow coastal strip backed by steep hills. Dauan is the most northern mountain of Australia’s Great Dividing Range which in the Torres Strait becomes a sunken chain of islands that once extended as a bridge to the northern landmass. There is no airstrip at Dauan so transportation is by boat or by helicopter.

The Dauan Regional Plan Community Booklet 2012 lists:

  • the needs the community expressed in 2008 during consultations for the development of the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Regional Plan 2009-2029, and their status in 2012 (colour coded red,orange or green), thus showing progress in filling gaps in service delivery
  • the services delivered or available and accessible to the community and individuals across the Region
  • contact details for government departments, agencies and programs.